SMARTEC and Jeanologia (Spain) have recently reach a strategic partnership.

SMARTEC and Jeanologia have recently signed a partnership agreement and reached a formal strategic partnership. SMARTEC and Jeanologia have become the exclusive strategic partners in the field of ozone dyeing range in mainland China.

Jeanologia is an innovative and multicultural company with over 20 years of experience in the development of sustainable and eco-efficient technologies for the finishing industry. Jeanologia was established in 1994 with a background in denim finishing consultancy, Jeanologia soon became a technology provider of sustainable textile solutions. Jeanologia leads the transformation of the textile industry with its disruptive technologies (laser and eco systems) that enhance productivity, reduce water and energy consumption and eliminate damaging emissions and waste, guaranteeing ZERO contamination.

The textile industry has an important place in global marketing and trade. Both production and consumption of cotton and cotton-based materials were also considerably important. Until now, the essential term for the textile industry can be summarized as product diversity. However, today, in addition, the demand for natural and organic products has been in an increasing trend. In this respect, the use of natural dyes has become popular again. However, the need to use mordants, especially metal salts, is the most important dilemma in terms of natural production. This study was aimed to show the usability of ozone gas with natural dyeing and to introduce an alternative production that avoids use of mordants. It was observed that different ozone gas applications can be used to obtain color diversity from the same natural dye source, which at present is achieved by using different mordants. On the other hand, for the tested dyes, different fastnesses were analyzed in terms of the effect of ozone gas treatment style and different mordants. It was found that in general the tested natural dyes have good fastness values except for light fastnesses.


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Customer List


-    Orta Anadulu


-    Nice Denim

-    Ha Meem Denim

-    Envoy Textile


-    Prosperity Textile

-    Seazon Textile

-    Shunfeng Textile


-    Sharabati Denim


-    Indigo Textiles

-    US Denim

-    Soorty Denim

-    Artistic Milliners 


-    JNR Textile

-    Bossa Denim


-    Phong Phu Fabrics

-    Viet Hong Textile

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